This is the story of Romain Rapoport; it’s the story of a Vatel in Lyon fifth year student who just finished his internship at the Renaissance Arc de Triomphe Paris Hotel, and who was just offered the job of Events Coordinator in the Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero five-star Hotel. Romain tells us how all these opportunities linked together.


Everything started off in the Paris Assas University, where Romain Rapoport was studying Law.  One summer, he decided to work and was hired at the Brighton four-star Hotel, located on Rue de Rivoli in Paris as a bellhop and porter. It was love at first sight with this environment and he started asking himself some questions: why not work in the hospitality industry? When he spoke about this to the hotel manager, he was advised to enroll in Vatel. But this was in July, and Vatel in Paris had been full for ages.


Convinced of his choice, Romain flew to London, where he was hired as Captain in the Mandeville Hotel Restaurant. He came back to France one year later, and decided to try once again to attend Vatel, this time in Lyon. He was admitted.


He did his first internship in the Bloom! Hotel in Brussels, where he was supervized by Marie-Laure Varenne, the Human Resources Manager and a Vatelien. He worked to develop skills in three different departments: the front office, reservations and yield management.


The next chapter took place in the Arc de Triomphe Renaissance Hotel, where Romain was doing his fifth year internship: “My mission consisted of organizing many different events in the hotel: press conferences, work-shops, birthday celebrations, after-work, etc. My client base was very demanding and included many celebrities. I proposed events that were both urban and exotic at the same time to them,” Romain told us.


During his six months of internship, a large commercial action was being rolled out with the goal of increasing customer loyalty: it was dubbed “RLife Live.” Romain explained: “This was composed of ‘Showcases’ in our hotels allowing young artists to present their works. My innovation consisted of proposing the creation of special “RLife Live” glasses to develop our hotel brand and give clients a souvenir of the event. This is what we call a relationship marketing tool.”


An innovation that was an overwhelming success in the receptions organized by the hotel and which allowed Romain to land the job of Events Coordinator at the Renaissance Le Parc Trocadero Hotel in Paris. He started his job at the beginning of April and is already starting to work on a new concept for his clients, the “Parc-Beach”, which is an unexpected and original transformation of the hotel’s upper patio with beach changing cabins, lounge-chairs, sofas and home-made ice cream with exotic flavors.


Delighted with his new job, Romain looked back with emotion on the team who supported him in his internship: “The success of an internship often depends on the people we meet and the relationships we have with them. I was lucky to be able to work with Mrs. Agathe Le Courtois, the Groups and Conferences Supervisor, a fantastic mentor who shared all her knowledge and skill sets with me. Her advice, as well as the advice from the whole team, was priceless, and made this six-month internship a very enriching experience.”

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