When she finished her studies at EBC, Etna took off for Vatel in Nimes, in the South of France. She graduated in 2008 with her Master’s Degree in International Hotel Management. And in May, 2011, just a few years later, she was appointed as the Corporate Sales Manager for Grupo PresidenteThis young lady, perhaps spurred by her first name, will tell us more about her “volcanic” success.

“I spent two fantastics years in Vatel in Nimes . Fantastic not only because of the courses I took or the Southern French region, but also because I was able to meet so many exceptional people. All the Mexican students, who, like I did, chose to continue their education in France have fond memories of the country, and are especially grateful to Mrs. Cres, our class Manager, as well as our “mom.”


I also have great memories of my professors. Mr. Bro who taught Marketing, Mr. Sollier in Oenology, Mr. Manifacier in Management / Finance and Mrs. Vanderberg in Human Resources. 

I’ll never forget their names as they allowed me to live this great experience. Without of course forgetting my classmates, of all nationalities, who made my two years at Vatel a unique experience, the Vatel experience! 


I discovered other foods and ways of cooking, other drinks, I listened to different kinds of music, met astonishing people, and even though I had realized that life in France wouldn’t be easy for me to get used to, I never imagined for a moment how enriching studying at Vatel would be.


In my last year I absolutely wanted to do my final internship in England. I applied for a lot of internships, and then one day, the Human Resources Manager from the London Greenwich Novotel called me. A week later, I went to London for an interview and three days after that, I had an internship!


Then, when I went back to Mexico, I started looking for my first job. I contacted “Grupo Presidente InterContinental Hotels & Resorts” and was hired as a Sales Assistant. One year later, my manager offered to promote me to the job of Sales Executive in the Mexico City InterContinental Hotel. Then just a year after that, I was promoted to the job of Corporate Sales Manager. Today I am responsible for key customers of a very specific market segment made up of 12 hotels in Mexico.


I’m very grateful to “Grupo Presidente.”  They gave me the opportunity to gain skills and know-how and that allow me to contribute to my country’s productivity and industry. Every day I have new experiences that teach me how to progress in my job and learn from my mistakes. Things would have been at least three times more difficult if I hadn’t gone to Vatel.You don’t just go to school every day, you experience life as a whole, and that’s how you make progress.


When you’re far away from home, but still lucky enough to be surrounded by people who make you feel at home, that’s priceless. That’s the way, a few years later, you too can have a Success Story to tell.”

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