Hélène MYON

Hélène MYON

Not less than 5 Vateliens currently work at Curty’s Le Traiteur Evénementiel [Curty’s, Catering for Events]. Helene Myon, who graduated from Vatel in Lyon in 2011 and who already is the R&D Manager, is one of them. 

Hello Helene, and congratulations for this great job you have at Curty’s. Could you please tell us a bit about this company?

Since 1989, Curty’s Le Traiteur Evénementiel in Paris, has combined its know-how in events management with catering services. We perpetuate the Art of Hospitality by combining the know-how and techniques needed to manage events with gastronomy and very high range catering. By creating new concepts and rolling out new ideas, we do everything possible to make each and every event an exceptional and unique one.


What role do you play as Research & Development Manager?

I centralize and manage our product offer. I create meal and cocktail menus with our Chefs and Pastry Chefs, I design product ranges with our Communication department, I offer tailor-made products that correspond to specific requests from our clients and I ensure quality compliance of our existing product range. I’m also in charge of competitive intelligence as well as market analysis. I can either work in our “production laboratory” with the purchasing department and production teams or in the very heart of catering activities with project leaders, sales team members and our decorator. This job gives you a global overview of activities, both internal and external ones. You have to be reactive, innovative, thorough, energetic and organized.


How did you get this job?

I had done my final internship at Curty’s and I was contacted for this job before I had finished my Master’s Degree. Two weeks after I had finished my oral exams, I was working. A lot of Vateliens are able to transform their final internship into their first job. Vatel courses are very complete and widely recognized. If you’re curious, ambitious, and you keep up with your networking, you’ll quickly have very good opportunities.

Let’s go back in time a bit.  Could you tell us about what you did before attending Vatel and why you chose this School?

After I finished high school, majoring in economics, I went to the Catholic University of Lille for two years studying management and preparing my entrance tests for a business school. After that, I wanted to continue in a business school, but in something that was more tangible, combining business management and high end hospitality arts. Vatel, with its excellent reputation and Lyon, the most well-known city in France for gourmet food, was a logical and easy choice for me.

What memories do you have of the years you spent at Vatel?

The human adventure that is an integral part of Vatel is something that really impacted me. Whether it concerns friendships between students, availability of teachers and instructors or the distinctiveness of strong personalities that federate and convey our School’s spirit. I personally made my strongest friendships at Vatel and they are still growing today. I’ve got striking memories of a large event in which I participated and that really was a great experience: the Vatel Concept Awards contest.

First of all, as a team, we had to imagine a new concept for the hotels of tomorrow, which challenged all our theoretical knowledge and logic while being forced to take many constraints into account. We were also expressing our group’s creativity and visionary capacities. And as Vatel in Lyon was the School hosting all the other participants, we had the added challenge of organizing the awards ceremony. A huge job including coordinating, delegation and organization.

Today I’m happy to use both of these components, which are creativity and managing large events, as a part of my daily work.




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