Julie ROUÉ

Julie ROUÉ



After her final internship in the financial department of the Palace Plaza Athenee Hotel and her Vatel diploma, Julie Roue was waiting for one and only one call, and it came through: London Calling!




Hi Julie.  You’re now working in London, just as you always dreamed of doing. Who do you work for?

Since June 2012, I’ve been working for Lola Events.This London based company employs the entire range of employees dedicated to Special Events Management: waiters, catering services, head waiters, floor supervisors, banquet and reception coordinators, special events managers, as well as hosts and hostesses, models, actors, dancers and so on.

Lola Events’ customers include catering companies, special events agencies, and the general public but also well-known brands such as Chanel for example, when they want to throw a party in one of their boutiques, etc.


And what exactly is your job in all of these?

I started off as a Team Leader during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games before being directly promoted as the Banquets and Receptions Coordinator in September 2012. My role consists in coordinating catering services for a given event. I get the room set up, brief and make up the teams and manage the service from the beginning till the end. It’s not an easy job; it’s tiring but so exciting and enriching.


You graduated from Vatel in Bordeaux in June, 2010? What took place before you started working at Lola Events?


I did my final internship in the financial department of the Plaza Athenee Hotel in Paris for six months, in order to know “what goes on behind the scenes” in a palace. After this internship, I spent an extra six months in Paris where I worked as the Hostess Manager in special events for Groupe Penelope.  This experience taught me how to manage a team of hosts and hostesses for a given event, as well as allowing me to save some money for my trip to London.

I started out by working as the hostess in a Sofitel restaurant in London where I was in charge of reservations and greeting customers. As the Olympic Games were coming up, I resigned from this job at the Sofitel to be able to take advantage of my stay in the capital and started working for Lola Events in the Olympic Park.


So how is life in the English capital?

It’s life in a multicultural European capital, so it’s fast paced and never slows down. When I first got here I was able to visit almost every district, museum and tourist attraction. Now though, my work takes a lot of time and there isn’t much left to fully take advantage of this fantastic city.


Did you want to work as much in hotel and tourist management as you wanted to work in London?

Differently. My attraction to the Hotel and Tourist Management field began quite late, during my last year of high school. I graduated with a specialization in economy and math in June 2007 and enrolled in Vatel in Bordeaux in October for my first year in the Bachelor’s program.

My main teacher had asked us to write a report on what we wanted to do after we graduated from high school. When I thought about it and talked this over with my friends and family, the Hotel and Tourist Management field seemed evident to me. And then, while looking for specialized schools, Vatel seemed to be the best choice, in my opinion. And I don’t regret a thing!


What did you bring to England in your Vatel suitcase?


As I have been working in London for nearly two years now, the courses that I remember every day are those that my Multicultural Management Professor gave. As London is a multicultural city, I had to deal with cultural differences in my everyday life, but especially in my professional life. When I have to brief a team of ten people with ten different cultures, you have to know how to weigh your words, be understood by everyone and be patient while remaining determined. Not understanding one another because of cultural differences is hard; it’s a challenge to be met each and every day. The wisdom of what I learned in this course helps me in my job.


Do you have any medium or long-term projects?

In October 2013, I will have been living and working for two years in England. I’ve gained new skills such as being totally bilingual in English, managerial qualities but also the ability to adapt, be flexible and deal with stressful situations.

In the short term, I’m hoping to go back to France for the end of 2013 and am aiming for a job as the Banquet Coordinator or equivalent in a hotel in the south-eastern part of France, if possible. Ideally speaking, I’d like to find this job and keep it for two or three years and then be promoted to Seminars and Banquets Manager. I know that when the time is right I’ll be able to count on the Vatel Alumni network, but for the moment, I don’t really have any medium or long-term projects.

I think that life is made up of opportunities and chance meetings with others rather than a structured life plan. We’ll see!