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A professor of marketing, corporate promotion and negotiation, Sophie Lot loves adult education and teaches at Vatel Switzerland.


Do you know what andragogy is? 

Sophie Lot, who teaches at Vatel Switzerland, loved this discipline which concerns the science of adult education (as opposed to pedagogy). With a master’s degree in sales engineering and a specialization in B2B marketing (business to business), she had a sales and marketing career in industrial production, in companies such as Schlumberger and Tefal. 

Today, she is focusing on teaching marketing theories to entrepreneurs, in many kinds of work, especially in the framework of the Vaudois Business Center, and to Vatel students. “Hotel marketing is an extremely complex subject and that’s what makes it so enjoyable,” she explains. This is why writing a business plan with students helps them understand the theory of marketing better than anything.”

Andragogy is the art and science of adult learning

Andragogy (Greek: "man-leading") should be distinguished from the more commonly used term pedagogy (Greek: "child-leading").

The term was originally coined in the 19th century. Andragogy became very popular in the US thanks to the American educator Malcolm Shepherd Knowles, who served as an adult education consultant for hundreds of public and private sector organizations, on national and international levels. He developed and refined the principles of adult learning now known internationally as andragogy.

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