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No one can beat a Vatel alumnus to coordinate the Vateliens network! - Vatel

No one can beat a Vatel alumnus to coordinate the Vateliens network!

Who is Gaelle Garnier, the new manager of the network of 35,000 Vatel alumni throughout the world? Let’s meet a Vatelien who works with Vateliens!


All throughout the world, in all hospitality and tourism management professions, our 35,000 Vateliens are part of a huge family, all known for their people-oriented skills and knowledge. 

On a daily basis with regional Vatel Clubs and their Ambassadors, on the web with the platform, the Vatelien network is a priceless resource for students as well as for Vatel alumni who are looking for an internship or a job. Gaelle Garnier, a Vatelien, is taking over from Elodie Feydeau Veilleux as the Vatel Worldwide Alumni Representative, to support its development and dynamics.

Who understands Vatel alumni better than another Vatel alumnus?

Gaelle Garnier has over 20 years of professional experience in the hospitality industry, and has worked both in independent hotels as well as hotels in the Accor group. As a Vatelien, she had always taken part in Vatel Club activities in her region and has many ideas to chair the network. 

Job vacancies and internship opportunities, Vatel Clubs and Vatel Ambassadors throughout the world, Gaelle Garnier works with Vatel alumni every day... as well as with future alumni, as she also coordinates Validation of Professional Experience (VAE) requests.

And we are sure you’ll recognize the silver V that, like all Vateliens, she has on her lapel, wearing it proudly!

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